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Commission base prices by style:


  • For anime enjoyers

  • Clasic style

  • Real people

  • OCs

  • Vtubers

  • Anime/games characters

  • Pngtuber option avalaible (custom budget)

Icon/ Head$45
Half body$60
Full body$70


  • Great to give as a gift or use as a profile photo

  • Expressive & funny

  • Real people

  • OCs

  • Vtubers

  • Anime/games characters

  • Custom emotes

  • Badges

  • Printable stickers (personal use)

Icon/ Head$25
Half body$30
Full body$35


  • Favorite choice for writers

  • Portraits for gift, personal use or single prints

  • Real people

  • Original/fantasy characters

  • (Visual references must be provided)

Icon/ Head$60
Half body$85
Full body$95

Other species:

  • Preferred by creatives and role-players

  • Real pets & animals

  • Fantasy species (Alien, Orc, Elf, Dwarf, Ogre...+)

Waist up$80
Full body$90
SKETCH (FLAT COLOR)Bust upHalf bodyFull body
Other species$30$35$40

Reference Sheets:

  • Reference sheet are unique, with different angles, shots and details depending on the character and customers taste.

  • I like to personally talk with every person to customize the reference sheet design according to your personal tastes and goals.


  • Simple/pattern background: 6 USD+

  • Extra detailed outfit, armor: Starting at 10 USD+

  • Items, objects, weapons (detailed): Starting at 15 USD+

  • Full background (detailed): Starting at 60 USD+

  • Character design (not providing references): 30%+

  • NSFW: 35%+


  • Visual references are needed

  • Simple doodles, pictures, collages and art will be accepted as reference

  • Turnaround: 3-4 weeks

  • Animals will be labeled as OTHER SPECIES.

  • Commissions without visual references, will be labeled as "character design"

  • You can make any changes regarding to design and modify the poses when I show you the sketch, after that, you can only change colors, shading or small details.

I can draw

  • Any skintone/body type

  • Fantasy characters

  • Any species

  • Specific textures

  • Weapons

  • OCs, ships, fanart

  • Memes


  • Prices in USD

  • "Base price" is an initial price, will be multiplied by the number of characters.

  • Adding/changing the design after the commission is finished will have an extra cost.

  • Additional cost will be added for mentioned items on "Add-ons".

I will not draw

  • Stolen art style from other artists

  • Illustrations for commercial purposes

  • Material related to intolerance, harassment or extremely sensitive topics


  • Will labeled as NSFW:

  • Gore

  • Sexually suggestive or explicit content (average swimsuits don't count).

  • Fetish related.

  • Other +18 material (ask).

  • I can decline any NSFW commission.